Yoga teacher training

Today was a big day

The last day of my yoga teacher training. I have been training for the last 28 days. An intense and inspiring 28 days.

My normal day consisted of 7 to 8 classes per day from 6:30 am to at least 7 pm. Within each day there was 4 hours of asana (physical poses) training, as well as Yoga philosophy, Anatomy, and Pranayama (breathing techniques).

Even though very physically challenging, I found myself gaining energy instead of losing it as the training went by. My muscles ached during the first 3 days then my body started changing. After 4 hours of strong physical training 6 days a week, my muscles continued to develop without fatigue.

I played a lot of sports in the past, I once was a gym freak. Yoga is the only exercise that I could do every day and increase energy.

Well, Yoga is not an exercise regime. Yoga is a way of life. Yoga is holistic, in unison, and creates balance.

This means that Yoga also works on emotional levels. Through the teacher training, I not only learnt about my physical body, but I also discovered more about my emotional body.

I came across some harsh truths about myself. Yes, it was difficult but I decided to accept them. I said to myself “Oh well”, shrugged my shoulders and moved on.


There are two main reasons for this:

The training was so intense I had no time to dwell on things I couldn’t change.
I wanted to make the most of the fact that I was doing what I love, in one of my favourite places in the world. Hey, life is too short to be feeling sorry about myself!

Surrendering, accepting, letting go. When these shifts happened in me, I became lighter and happier.

Yoga is a journey

Lots of mini journeys within a big journey. A Journey that forces you to go through your shit and push you towards healing. So for this, yoga is tough, but loving at the same time.

The conclusion of today’s blog is that I cannot get enough of Yoga….. I just love it.

As a certified yoga teacher, I am looking forward to sharing my passion with you on my return.


K xxx