About Me

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Kayo Gill.


I believe

  • Healing means you learn to treat yourself and others with more love and kindness through thoughts, words and actions.
  • We are never too old or too wounded to start a healing journey.
  • Everything vibrates, including our thoughts, words and actions.
  • To find sustainable balance in life, one must adjust the underlying imbalance at a subconscious level.
  • Well-being is a lifelong process of living in harmony with your body.

My story

I was a special education teacher for over 13 years in New Zealand and Australia. I used to be a gym bunny and enjoyed being active. Being physically active is a sign of health, right? Doesn’t being busy mean I’m successful?

Suppressing chronic stress from work, earthquakes and life in general, my body finally said, “enough is enough!” A Burn Out. I had ZERO energy. I ran out of breath going from the bedroom to the kitchen. I broke down in tears when I finally reached the kitchen.

This is when my journey towards true health started.  For many years,  I believed that I was never good enough. I worked hard to be accepted by society and the people around me. Every day I would beat myself up with harsh words and thoughts thinking these words should be used as ‘ motivation’.

I intuitively knew I needed to look closely at my emotions and energy.  I sought assistance from Alternative Health Practitioners and Energy Healers. They took me on the road to Self Acceptance and Forgiveness; something I had avoided or conveniently ignored for many years.

I learned to let go of the past. I learned that I am enough.

The experience of hitting the Rock Bottom and transforming it into the Solid Foundation naturally lead me to study energy medicine, to help others who feel the same way as I used to.

Where I went from there

I continued studying and practising the art of Healing and Meditation. Finally, the passion took me to India for the first time in 2015. This is where I trained to become a qualified Sound Healer, and completed my Reiki Master/Teacher training. I feel very fortunate to have studied under these teachers who are highly gifted and experienced. In 2016, I went back to India and became a certified Hatha Yoga teacher.

Pranic Healing, a simple yet powerful modern healing technique, came knocking on my door in 2018 when I was feeling stuck with the level of Healing that I was offering. I wanted to offer a deeper, more profound healing. I flew back to India and  I studied with my masters privately for 4 weeks.  During my studies, I dedicated my spare time to healing and saw many positive results.  I now combine Sound Healing and Pranic Healing principles for a deeper healing experience.

My studies include

  • Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning (Christchurch Teachers College, New Zealand) 2004
  • Tibetan Sound Healing and Meditation (Maayaa Dhami, India) 2015
  • 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training (Hatha Yoga World Dharamsala, India) 2016
  • Basic and Colour Pranic Healing (Hardesh Sood, Dharamshala, India) 2018
  • Healing with Indian Sounds and Mantras (Hardesh Sood, Dharamshala, India) 2018
  • Advanced Pranic Healing (Supriti Sood, Dharamshala, India) 2018
  • Integrated Quantum Medicine – IQM Level 1 (Noorah Hansen, Christchurch) 2018
  • 20hrs Yin Yoga workshop (Yin Therapy, Nelson) 2018
  • Sanskrit Mantra Workshop (Anandra George, Heart of Sound, Bali) 2019
  • 20 hrs Yoga Nidra workshop (Phoebe McMillan, Dunedin) 2021
  • Ongoing training of Nāda Yoga – Yoga of Sound and Sanskrit Mantra (Anandra George, Heart of Sound)
  • 20 hrs Trauma- Informed Facilitator Training (Somapsych) 2024