What People Say


After dealing unsuccessfully with a chronic illness for years and getting no answers or much help from doctors, I was fortunate enough to attend one of Kayo’s sound healing groups.⁠

My first session was amazing and took me to a place of calm and relaxation, which I have always struggled with and cemented my decision to make it a regular practice in my journey for health and self care. ⁠

I have been going for a few months now, and the improvement in my energy, stress levels, and issues with skin conditions and pain are very noticeable, not only to me but to my friends and family.⁠

I really love the sound washing over me and each session being so unique and taking me to different levels in my relaxation and healing.⁠

I can’t thank Kayo enough for sharing this with me and helping me to continue to improve.⁠

My kids especially prefer happier, healthier mummy. ⁠


I am in a very fortunate position to have received Kayo Gill’s Freedom Programme. Initially, starting the programme, I had this big dark cloud hanging over me and couldn’t understand why it was.

One month into the Programme, I felt a great shift mentally and physically towards letting go of past childhood trauma that had been stuck within. I highly recommend Kayo to those people out there who suffer from PTSD or mental health and are going through a tough time in their immediate life.

I was not able to work due to high anxiety caused by PTSD. But I feel strong enough to look for work now and have a few interviews lined up already.

I owe this opportunity to the Freedom Programme and Kayo Gill for having received this amazing therapeutic healing. I would highly encourage anybody stuck in their past life’s traumatic heartaches to give this therapy a good go.


My 1:1 sessions with Kayo changed my life – and at one of the lowest points I’ve experienced, emotionally, physically and spiritually, in fact. ⁠

I was struggling to find a path through the stress and anxiety of a very difficult chapter. The Healing Power of her craft guided me back to myself and ultimately to the peace that I so sought to find at the time. ⁠ ⁠Thank you Kayo! You have given me a sense of power when I truly felt little force of spirit. The work you do is so important and so appreciated.” ⁠


” Kayo saved my life. It sounds extreme, but true. For up to 10 years I hated myself, truly hated myself. It was only the guilt of leaving loved ones behind that kept me struggling through the days, months, years.

For the first few years it snuck up on me. I have always been a confident person but over time bad self-talk crept in, slowly and quietly to start, so I hardly noticed. Then it got louder, meaner and more consistent. At my worst, I was self-harming to remind myself pain is what I deserve. I would endure gruelling, self-driven training sessions at the Gym followed by little food and recovery because pain was my safe place and if I was skinny people would accept me. Once I became a mother, I knew this could not continue, if I didn’t love myself, how could I be the best person and role model for my child. And so, began the long journey to recovery.

I tried many avenues, and but never succumbed to the medication I was constantly prescribed by doctors. I continued with some small success with an herbalist but was still falling off the self-love wagon and going back to the safe place of hate and pain.

Desperate I finally took a wise man’s advice and had a session with Kayo, I was skeptical but hopeful. I have now completed 10 sessions of healing with Kayo. I can look at myself in the mirror now without the voices screaming all my made-up faults at me. I no longer punish myself with food restriction and overtraining. Some close friends have even noticed the difference.

I am a scientist by trade and cannot begin to explain how this works, but it really does.

If you are feeling hopeless, lost and alone, please take a leap of faith I’m sure you won’t regret it, and do the homework! “ 


“Thank you so much, you have helped me shift mountains in such a small amount of time. It’s been quite unbelievable.”


“Working with Kayo was the best thing I’ve done for myself. She helped move old energies that were stuck and holding me back and gave me crucial skills to improve my life. I am the most present and happiest I’ve been in a long time, and I can not thank Kayo enough “


“When I first met Kayo and entered her healing space I felt an immediate sense of calm. I had made my first appointment with her almost on a whim – I had been feeling disconnected and dissatisfied with life. I didn’t even know what pranic healing was, but a quick visit to Kayo’s website and Facebook page reassured me that she could offer the help I needed. During the first 2 months of working with Kayo I experienced a powerful transformation. Her pranic healing, as well as her guidance, produced a massive shift in my perspective on life and helped to release a lot of my old pain and toxic mindsets. This laid a new foundation from which I now live my life. This new perspective and new foundation soon became invaluable – within 6 months of meeting Kayo I lost my father to cancer and a best friend in an accident. Kayo’s healing has been pivotal for me to remain proactive through my grieving process and she generously continues to offer advice along my journey.”


Kayo’s healing helped me to get through a very difficult time at the end of a long and troubled relationship. I was feeling drained, and unnecessary thoughts were driving irrational emotions. I lacked clarity, and couldn’t see a way forward. The healing session erased the clutter in my mind. Once it was gone, I was able to see that it had never been anything more than clutter, and I was once more able to focus on what was meaningful to me. Thanks to Kayo, I was able to simply drop many years worth of weighty baggage, and to start a new chapter in my life. It is an amazing feeling


” Being in Kayo’s presence and receiving her healing is like being wrapped up in a big, cozy and warm blanket. She has such a warm, welcoming and compassionate personality. She creates a peaceful space where you feel nurtured, supported and ready to ignite personal transformation. Kayo helped me to find my authentic self, to reignite my passions and dreams. She helped me to release some chronic stress I was carrying and push through old inhabiting fears. I felt blessed to receive her healing. She created space for me to transform and remember the things I love in life. X


” Following the breakdown of my marriage, my 6 year old was feeling confused and anxious. He was not his usual self, he had become less talkative, and lacked confidence. Through healing, Kayo helped him to relax, and to find his voice again. Since the healing, he has been more comfortable, and keen to communicate what he is thinking and feeling; he is not afraid to question his situation, and to confront his emotions. Kayo’s work has helped to strengthen our relationship, and my son has never been happier. Thank you Kayo! “


“For many years I had very poor immunity and was constantly getting colds and viruses, but since doing pranic healing with Kayo my immune system is stronger than ever and I now rarely feel unwell and have far more energy. I also highly recommend Sound Healing.  It is such a joy and leaves you feeling relaxed, de-stressed and wonderful.”


“I was aware  that “Everything is vibrating” at the most basic level. Sound and vibrational healing has been used since ancient times. Having explored other healing modalities to get to the bottom of some childhood trauma, I was keen to see if there was a therapy based upon sound, which could help me move some painful feelings and stagnant energy. Several Google searches later, I was fortunate to find that Kayo was in fact practicing locally with Sound Healing.

It was about the third session where I began to notice a visible effect upon my inner being. Slowly at first as if the energy was building and then a change would ripple through and clear parts of my psyche. Progressively, ‘learning to trust and let go’ while Kayo worked through the various frequencies and sounds, skillfully placing the bowls on blocked areas of my body and allowing the physical vibrations to reverberate through, clearing and healing me in ways I have never experienced before.

I have had two significant sessions where all I could do afterwards was sleep the rest of the day and let the body/mind/soul reset itself. I am more than convinced that this ancient healing art is based on a fundamental truth, that we are all vibrating our own unique frequency. With a slight adjustment we can begin to bring ourselves back towards the highest vibration of all, Love. Kayo’s work helps clear past karma, traumatic experiences and transform our wounds. For those on the healing and inner path, I would highly recommend a session or four with Kayo to discover this for yourself.”


“I had never tried healing before and the results of just a few sessions have totally exceeded my expectations. I started out with low energy and no motivation to do anything – I really didn’t feel like myself and couldn’t figure out how to get back to normal. Especially the first few sessions were quite intense and I felt big changes in myself every week. Kayo helped me identify issues I needed to address and I believe the treatment enabled me to work through these quite effortlessly. Now, 2 months later, I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I’m more active and more in tune with myself than ever before. Thanks for your caring presence and wonderful treatments, Kayo!”


” Kayo’s ability to see and sense energy accelerates your progress, achieving the results fast”


” I’ve been feeling so good since last night’s group session.”


” Anger gone. I felt so much lighter and softer”