Work with the Subconscious Mind 

Attain Inner Peace, self-acceptance, and Confidence by Letting go of Unprocessed Emotions, Self-Limiting Beliefs, and Trauma from the energy level, and experience positive changes in your everyday life. 

A gentle and powerful combination of Chakra Healing and Sound Healing.

Initial Consultation + In-Depth Healing


Your healing journey starts here.

Experience a powerful combination of two ancient healing modalities: 14 Chakra Healing (Pranic Healing principles) and Sound Healing, developed and facilitated by Kayo. This unique combination is not available anywhere else. 

It is a gentle and effective healing technique for subconscious healing. It gently clears energy blockages, ie long-term stress, old emotions, and limiting beliefs, and allows the body to create and maintain healthy energy. Each session is fully guided by intuition and without touch. 

The focus is on letting go of unprocessed emotions and energies, which may have manifested in your life as anxiety, self-criticism, unexplainable and recurring emotional challenges and physical symptoms.

Calming, healing sounds and vibrations naturally shift the brainwaves from Beta into Alpha and Theta, helping you feel more relaxed and receive maximum benefits. 

In-Depth Healing

Continue releasing old, unprocessed emotions and stuck energy with 14 Chakra Healing and Sound Healing.

Learn to work with emotions and naturally balance your energy. Let go of limiting beliefs and establish new, healthier core beliefs. Experience differences in how you feel on a daily basis, resulting in transformational and sustainable shifts in your life.

More Info

Pranic Healing

The word Prana is a Sanskrit (Ancient Indian language) term that can be translated to Energy in English. When your prana is in a good flow, your life will be in good flow. If your prana is stagnant, it can show up in your physical body in a form of unexplainable aches, chronic stress, emotional imbalances and a sense of ‘feeling stuck’ in general.

This is a simple yet powerful technique to cleanse, balance and energise the Prana, speeding up the rate at which the body repairs itself. Pranic Healing is a simple approach that is conducted with no touch. Kayo’s Masters (Hardesh and Supriti Sood) studied directly with Pranic Healing master and creator Choa Kok Sui. Kayo regularly travels to India to study with her Masters privately and to offer healing at the local villages.

Sound Healing

Freedom Programme
This empowering and transformational programme helps you release unprocessed emotions and limiting beliefs that stem from stress and trauma (physical, emotional, sexual, birth trauma, ancestral trauma). Create subconscious shifts and learn practical tools for embodiment and maintenance. Each session builds upon the previous. For ongoing support and guidance, a minimum of 5 sessions is required.