Group Healing

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Unit 1, 7 Wordsworth St, Sydenham, Christchurch

Weekly Group Healing: Monday 7:15 pm, Wednesday 6 pm, Friday and Saturday 10:30 am

Sacred Sound Healing

Experience the Powerful Healing Energy of Sacred Sounds


Sound Healing is an ancient form of energy medicine and is intuitively led. Regular Sound Healing can lead to a transformational shift in your life.

Healing energy is produced by ancient instruments such as singing bowls. There is a tremendous amount of healing energy in each instrument used, and therefore highly valued for its healing properties. I also use my voice as a tool for healing through the chanting of the Sanskrit mantra.

The healing sound and vibration facilitate the healing of the subconscious mind by naturally allowing brainwaves to transition from Beta (busy) to Theta (deeply relaxed).

I tune in with you and let the collective energy guide me throughout the session. I share my observations at the end of each session.

Like physical exercise, Sound Healing has an accumulative effect. Each session builds upon the previous, guiding you towards profound and sustainable shifts.

While Healing is non-linear, regular sessions can support your well-being and nervous system regulation. The following is a general guide.

  • 1-3 sessions: Become familiar with sound healing and working with energy and emotions. 
  • 3-5 sessions: Continue to release emotions and tension, leading to longer-lasting benefits.  
  • 5-10 sessions: Observe differences in stress management and self-perception, such as self-esteem and self-image.
  • 10+ sessions: Experience an empowered, calm, and confident self

If you are new to Energy Healing, this group is an excellent place to start. If you are already on a healing journey, this group will help you accelerate your progress.

  • Weekly Group Healing sessions continue during school holidays. 
  • Private Group Healing for your friends and family can be arranged. 


Sacred Sound Healing FAQs

Do I sit or lie down?

You can do either. Chairs are available at the studio.

What do I wear?

Wear something comfortable and warm. Even though the room is kept warm,  the body temperature often fluctuates during healing. 

What do I need to bring?

All bookings include a Sound Healing mat, blankets and cushions, however, you are welcome to bring your own, and anything else that may help you relax, ie an eye mask, your favourite crystals.

Can I bring my baby to a weekly public group?

The weekly public groups are not suitable for babies/toddlers to be present for several reasons.

First, for safety. The public groups are very popular, and there may not be sufficient space left for your baby to move around. I also walk around with my instruments. I would not want to cause injury to your baby or others while avoiding walking into your loved one.

Secondly, I would like you to relax and experience the full benefits of Sound Healing. Having your baby may be distracting to you or others.

Thirdly, babies and toddlers have sensitive hearing, and some sounds can agitate them.

If you want to bring your baby to a group healing session, I recommend arranging a Private Group Healing session. In a Private Group setting, all the concerns above can be eliminated or accommodated. I have facilitated many mum/baby group healing where the babies moved freely in the studio while mums relaxed and received the healing.

Is Group Healing beneficial for kids?

Group Healing can benefit older children as long as they are willing to attend and feel comfortable being in the same room with others sitting or lying quietly for 60 mins. Kids under the age of 16 must attend with an adult. 

Do I have to introduce myself to the group before the session?

No. As soon as we get settled, we will start the healing work.

Is it like a Sharing Circle?

No. There is no expectation for you to share your experience/thoughts with the group. But if you would like to do so, you can at the end of the session. Feel free to stay behind to have a chat with me in private.

What if I start crying or feel emotional?

This is a non-judgmental space. Whatever you experience is what you need. Crying is a sign of strength. We release a lot through tears. So if tears come up, let it happen.

Feeling emotional is an indication that something is shifting within. Breathe through it without thinking too much. Sound and Vibrations work through your energy field into your physical body dissolving energy stagnations and blockages where unprocessed emotions are stored. When your body responds to healing vibrations, the emotions come up to be released. You may notice it during the session or 2-3 days afterwards. It will ease over time.

Do I still receive the benefits if I fall asleep during the session?

Absolutely YES. When we are asleep or close to falling asleep, our busy mind is taking a break. The body’s innate healing ability is maximised.

What if my mind never stops during the session?

You are still receiving benefits from healing. If your mind is busy all the time, it may take a while to get used to it. Interestingly, sometimes what we want to let go of appears to be heightened during the healing process. It will become easier.

I am a little bit of scared of group stuff

Even though this is a group session, your experience is unique to you only, and there is no judgement or expectations. Everyone is welcome to join and receive healing. If you are worried please let me know.

So what actually happens during the session?

After a short guided meditation, you will start hearing chanting and singing bowls. I am fully guided by my intuition throughout the session. The session ends with the sound of the Wind Gong and chanting. Afterwards, I share with you my observations. 

Is it pregnancy-friendly?

Yes. The sound of singing bowls is said to ease discomfort during pregnancy and labour pains. Regular self-care is important for a healthy pregnancy. Make sure to bring extra cushions to support your body and baby.

How would I feel afterwards?

Most people feel relaxed afterwards. You may notice less physical pain, less anxiety, and feeling light. The body continues to process for a couple of days after the session. Stay hydrated and be kind towards yourself.