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Ancient Healing For Modern Lives

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You have come to the right place if you want to....


Reduce anxiety and manage stress in a healthy, natural way


Increase confidence and vitality


Let go of unprocessed emotions and find peace


Free yourself from unhealthy habitual patterns


Find relief from trauma and old wounds


Learn to work with lower vibrational (often referred as 'negative') emotions


Let go of limiting beliefs and live a more fulfilling life


Love and accept yourself as you are

How I can help you

I guide your healing journey with Sound Healing combined with detailed Chakra alignment. I help you release old energy and live with the new energy that supports your health and well-being.

Private Healing

Work with the subconscious mind to attain sustainable shifts. Release unprocessed emotions, trauma and limiting beliefs and step into a new version of yourself. All healing sessions are intuitively led and can create a transformational shift.

Group Healing

Sound Healing is an ancient energy medicine. Let the healing sound and vibrations wash away your stress and unwanted, unprocessed energies within. Regular energy balancing is an important aspect of Self Care. 


Yoga, Meditation, and Healing are combined into theme-based retreats. Next Retreat : Sunday 18 June - New Beginning


Take time out of your busy life to rest and nourish the body, mind and spirit. Experience a delicious combination of Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing.

What People Say

Anger gone. I felt so much lighter and softer


Thank you. You have helped me shift mountains in such a small amount of time. It’s been quite unbelievable.


Kayo’s healing helped me to get through a very difficult time at the end of a long and troubled relationship.


I am forever grateful for you and how you have helped me to heal my wounds. I now feel so confident in my business!!


Kayo saved my life. It sounds extreme, but true.


Kayo’s ability to see and sense energy accelerates your progress, achieving the results fast


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