Your thoughts are a powerful tool

Your thoughts create your vibrations. They can help you or hinder you. 

What are your first thoughts on Self-growth?

“It’s going to be hard.⁠”
“It’s going to take a long time.⁠”
“Im not sure if I can.⁠”

These words have lower vibrations. They are contracting and disempowering as if you have already given up or decided you cannot do it.

Let’s change it!

Here are my suggestions.

“I am willing to _____.⁠”
“I am open to new ways.⁠”
“I am ready to____.⁠”
“I can  ____.⁠”

These are so much more empowering and supportive.

Choose the one that resonates with you. Say it out loud at least 10 times.  Do it 3 times a day even if you don’t believe it yet.

Think of it as a way to reprogramme your mind. By repeating your words like a mantra, you create new vibrations within.

You may notice an inner voice creeps up….. “I’m not worthy”, ” I feel guilty”, ” This is silly.”

It is your wounded self talking in your mind.

It is a sign you need to do it more often.  

The habitual thought patterns are repeated unconsciously. Give yourself time to retrain your mind.

The good news is that you don’t need to know the HOW. The path will appear as you open yourself to receive.

⁠The universe always responds to your thoughts and provides what matches your vibrations. 

Commit for at least two weeks. Let me know how you go 🙂