Why the Spiral?

Kayo Gill Spiral Lo

The Spiral is a powerful symbol of creation and growth, used by many ancient cultures and religious traditions. Spiral shapes are also found in nature. It’s a symbol representing the journey and change in life.

The Spiral represents the consciousness of nature beginning from its centre and expanding outwardly.
When we begin our healing process, we journey towards our centre. We move our way into the Spiral, like going deeper and deeper into ourselves.

I was particularly drawn to the Spiral as it shows how the sound and vibration of my instruments travel, and the round shape of the Spiral represents the shape of my healing instruments, like the singing bowls and the wind gong.

In my studio, the Healing Haven, the healing energy enters the space through the first window and spirals around the room, cleansing impurities and raising frequencies during healing sessions.

Small dots in the Spiral in my logo represent that we are multi-dimensional beings, and many other beings and energies support my work, including your openness and willingness. 


                    Green fern spiral dark background