Respect Your Boundaries


A few weeks ago in a group healing session, we worked on strengthening our boundaries and clearing guilt when we felt we could not meet others’ expectations.

The energy field becomes weak and shaky when your boundaries are weak, making you prone to stress.  Everyday stress can reduce noticeably when your energy field is strong. As much as you want to help others, it is not good for anyone if you give too much and run out of gas.

Lack of boundaries can appear in several ways, but I would like to focus on your everyday life scenarios today.

  • Accommodate others’ needs all the time and have nothing left for yourself.
  • Feel you need to work harder to be accepted/ to be seen as good enough.
  • Feel bad/guilty for not offering to do more.
  • Repeatedly downplay your emotions – ” It’s not a big deal. I will let it slide this time.”

The ongoing stress of accommodating others and putting yourself last can accumulate as chronic stress. Ignoring your body’s communication- Emotions, Feelings, and level of physical fatigue can also add up as stress.


Your mental and physical health is your priority.

 It’s ok to say No. You don’t need to apologize when you respect your boundaries.


Instead of beginning your sentence with “Oh sorry but….”,  try these below. Breathe in deeply and speak from the belly.


  • Thank you for including me, but it is not a good time for me right now.
  • Thank you for thinking of me. I will get back to you later.
  • Thank you for the offer, but I have an appointment tonight. – Handy when your boss asks you to do overtime


The word Thank You transmutes the underline guilt into gratitude. It creates more empowering and uplifting energy than guilt- filled ” Sorry, I can’t____.”

When your boundaries are disrespected, it is normal to feel anger, sadness,  stress, frustration (and sooooo much more).

Honour the emotions. Reflect and Transmute into motivation to strengthen your boundaries. 

Interestingly, when you start respecting yourself more, others unknowingly pick up the vibe, and they will begin to show you respect. If they don’t like how you treat yourself, they need to work through it, not you.


Everything starts within.
Let’s start today.