Incredible India

In the Himalayas

The air is thin here. The mountains are close. The valley below is often covered with thick fog giving me the feel that I’m above the clouds.

I have been here for 7 days now. I was here almost a year ago but this time I’m here alone, with a clear goal in mind. To study.

The reason I chose Dharamshala is simple. I just love this area. When I first visited here last year I instantly fell in love. I was guided back here. The Himalayan mountains are like warriors. Strong yet compassionate. Powerful yet kind.

The town I am studying in is called Bhagsu, just outside of Dharamshala, closer to the mountains.


The Yoga teacher training has been challenging, rewarding, nourishing and inspiring on many levels. Surrounded by four amazing teachers who have a wealth of knowledge and incredible passion for Yoga, I am trying to soak up everything.

Pankaj is the head teacher with a big heart and warm smile. He knows how and when to push his students.

Sue teaches us Vinyasa flow with a strong passion and energy. Her joy for yoga and life is contagious. She is charismatic and inspiring.

Benu, an eccentric, loving and lovable Yogi is giving us the strong foundation on Yoga philosophy. He has a magnetic presence about him, and I love the way he smiles after cracking a joke.

Last but not least, Amrita, our Anatomy teacher. She seems always be at peace with herself. Dressed beautifully in colourful Indian clothes, she giggles often during the lecture. Her giggles are infectious.

It’s only been 5 days in to our training but I have already shed some tears. (Some of you may already know that I’m a cry baby!) Inversions seem to bring up some strong emotions within me.

I used to avoid inversions after hurting my neck some years ago. Whatever emotions I’m feeling during and after inversion poses must come out somehow. How and when, only the universe knows.

India yoga
This is where all the magic happens


Each day I wake up to a various Himalayan sounds like birds, bells and hoof steps of donkeys. My favourite one is the long high pitch sound of the eagle calling. I often pass my precious break time watching them glide the sky with elegance and confidence. It appears that they have nothing to worry about. Yet they have strength and faith to get what they want.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to be here, one of my favorite places on earth.


K xxx