How Did I Get Here?

Things happen for a reason


Lets go back a few decades..

My upbringing was not so positive. I was always bored, felt “out of place” and frustrated. Never fitted in at school. Anger, sadness, disappointment, shame were some of the feelings I felt on a regular basis. To protect myself, I became more and more distant. Preferring to be alone and quiet, everyone thought I was different. Being different was a big No-No where I grew up.

And this came with a sense of guilt within myself.

Chinese and Tibetan medicine explain that the human body creates diseases from internal imbalances (disease = “dis- ease”).  Bottled up emotions and feelings have manifested inside my body causing imbalances.

And This Happened…

Around 2007, I started feeling that something was wrong with me –  always tired but not sleeping, struggled with motivation and was often irritated for no reason. I was always getting infections and often had aches and pains all over my body. Not knowing why I was feeling this way, I blamed it on my job, rocky relationships, and excessive gym workouts. With help from caffeine and Panadol, I continued soldiering on. I lived like this for many years. When my body needed a break, I would beat myself up for being lazy.

In 2011 my accumulated imbalances finally got the best of me. They made themselves known to me as Adrenal Fatigue. Adrenal Fatigue is commonly caused after exposure to prolonged stress.

Time for Recovery…

While struggling through my everyday life, I had an epiphany – “I have been feeling like this for almost all my life. That’s NOT normal!”  

This realisation was exactly what I needed. Instead of choosing an easy option of taking pills and masking the problems, I was naturally guided to find out and treat the cause. This is where my journey of self-discovery began. Through my journey, I found out that this “prolonged” stress of mine started when I was a baby.

I chose natural methods to get better – Massage, Meditation, Reiki, whole food diet, no stimulants, plenty of rest, self-acceptance, and forgiveness. It was like my body had a major tune-up. I took Adrenal Fatigue as a message from my body to SLOW DOWN and simply BE MYSELF. 

Through learning body/mind connection, it became obvious that the challenges I experienced growing up slowly grew into a huge mass of blockages. My body was full of unresolved emotions and trauma.

Consequently, I decided to let go of old energies that didn’t serve me anymore. By doing so, I made more room for positive experiences. I didn’t want my childhood to stop me from enjoying the life I could have!  

I felt happier, more present and had more energy to do fun things! 

And where I am now…

5 years later, I am standing strong on my own two feet feeling at peace and comfortable with myself. I have the energy to pursue my goals and dreams. No, my journey wasn’t easy. I shed many tears and took many steps back. I fell off the wagon countless times. But I never gave up.

During the journey, looking after both the body AND mind became my passion.  Because true beauty comes from the inside. Not from shoes, clothes, or makeup you wear.

I had a tremendous amount of support around me during my recovery from Adrenal Fatigue. I am forever grateful for those who helped me balance my imbalances and become who I am today.

It is now my turn to give, and it has become my purpose.