After the storm

It rains daily here during the monsoon

The storm usually comes around during my lunch break. I have the pleasure of just sitting and watching the storm go by. Electricity is often cut off due to the thunder. It’s like I’m in a different world, away from everything else. So isolated yet surrounded by love.

But on this particular day, it was different. I had never seen the rain so heavy that the narrow main street of the village turned into a fast-flowing deluge within minutes.

The rumbling of thunder shook the building which reminded me of aftershocks. I somehow felt no fear for the first time. Almost content with the shake. I had faith that everything would be OK.

The shop keepers quickly closed their front shutters which indicated that we would be in with the storm for a wee while. Despite the constant lightning and thunder along with heavy sheets of rain, it was peaceful. All we could do was to let the storm do its thing. No power, no wifi. Nothing we could do about it except for waiting for the storm to pass.

Usually, the sun comes back while I’m in the Alignment class, and this day was no exception. The beautiful sunshine beamed through gaps of thick clouds. When I came out of the class at 4 pm, the sky was blue with bright sunshine.

Then I noticed the highest tip of the mountains is now covered with white snow.

No words could describe how beautiful it looked.

Since this day, the amount of rainfall has dropped. More sunshine, more smiles. More singing and whistles from the locals. Their footsteps appear lighter.

I then thought “This is a good metaphor for life. Sometimes we have to experience storms in our life to witness something beautiful. To be stronger. To learn. To achieve goals. To get what we deserve.”

Do we have the patience to sit through the storm? How do we let go of resistance? Can we find positives in challenging situations and turn them into strengths?

K xxx